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Five pounds!

My weigh in last night went much better, thankyouverymuch. Down another 1.4 lbs for a total of 5. Even got a star and recognition at the meeting.

I wish it was more, I’m not going to lie, but I’ve been tracking and staying within my points for three weeks now. I just need to keep on rolling with it and trust that it will work.

And that’s five pounds in three weeks. If it continues this way, I’ll be down twenty more by the time we go to the beach. Which will make me feel slightly better about wearing a bathing suit.

Ups and downs

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs.

Ups:  I got some amazing news at work, but more importantly, I lost 3.4 lbs in my first week of Weight Watchers! Score! (Looky, I put up a cute little ticker over on the side to track my losses. Yeah, I have a lot to lose. A lot.)

Downs: Went to the dentist to get my two cavities filled and he found five more. That’s SEVEN total. Ugh. Thank god for dental insurance. The other thing is that our house is apparently being taken over by bees. Bzzzzz.

Now how about some cute pics I took yesterday that I was too lazy to post as my picture of the day? (And regarding yesterday’s picture, okay, so Linus’s outfit wasn’t too bad. That’s what I love about plaid shorts. They kinda make everything match!


This one’s about me

(First, don’t forget about the contest! It’s running through the end of the month, as is the free shipping promotion.)

So I started going to Weight Watchers meetings last week. I went to meetings back in 2006, before I got pregnant, and they didn’t really work for me. I did better before my wedding (in 2005) by only using WW online. But I wanted to try the meetings again because deep down, I know I didn’t give WW my full attention back in 2006. Clearly, because I lost like three pounds in 3 months. Sad.

The only meeting that really works for me time-wise is the Thursday evening one. It’s at 5:30, and George has been great about doing the parenting solo-style while I go. But the problem with a Thursday afternoon meeting is that, well, you’re weighing in at 5:30 pm, not 6:30 am. It just bugs me that I have a whole day’s worth of food and drink in me when I step on the scale.

(Don’t worry, I understand that if I’m losing weight, it will still show up, but still.)

I have to get two cavities filled, so I decided to set my dentist appointment for tomorrow morning so I won’t be able to eat too much in the afternoon. Genius, yes? It’s good because my friend Tee and I are going to the grand opening of the new Pinkberry frozen yogurt place here tomorrow night (yes, we are fancy) and I want to be able to put sprinkles on my yogurt, dammit.

So, regarding weight loss. Let me post a picture of what I looked like at my lowest weight.

Okay, I’m not positive I was at my lowest weight there (this was about a year before my wedding) but damn, I was stylish back then, wasn’t I?

Anyway, don’t make me post a picture of myself now. Let’s just say I have a long way to go before I can fit into that red satin jacket again.

Ya gotta have goals, after all!