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All about Ren

Today’s post is going to be a little different. It’s not going to be about the boys, it’s going to be about my dear friend Ren. She’s going through a little rough patch right now, and I want everyone to know how awesome she is. And I want her to realize it.

Do you know Ren? If not, meet Ren…

(That’s Ren on the right, by the way. Chloe, my future daughter-in-law, is on the left.)

I’ve known Ren since 1991. Or was is 1990? In any case, a long time. (Oh man, I feel old now.) I can remember the exact moment we met, too. It was Interview/Audition Weekend at Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts. We were both trying to get in, and we started talking while washing our hands in the bathroom.

I was so glad that a few months later, when school started, to see Ren around. Of course, then, she was Katherine. But I haven’t called her that in years. Renny is more like it.

Here are things I love about Renny:
– her beautiful golden curls. In class, I would sit behind her and pull on them and *bo-i-i-i-ng* they’d spring back. She claimed to covet my long, straight brown hair, but why? She was very dismayed when I got a perm senior year. Well, I was just trying to have hair like hers! Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out like that, so yeah, not a great decision on my part.

- her generosity. Okay, so I had this cat, right? Named Derkins (after Suzy Derkins from Calvin + Hobbes.) I got Derkins in about 1995. Ren and I were roommates in 1996-97, and when I went off to London for six months, she took care of Derkins for me.

Fast forward 12 years, and she still has Derkins. I’m pretty sure Derkins recognized who was the better mama.

She also brings us the most delicious food in times of need (when the boys were born, for instance. Never mind she had a baby only a month older than them!) Mmmm. Yum.

- her sense of humor. She threw me and our friend Kristie a surprise Armed Forces Day party one year. (It sucks that so much of our history is pre-digital-camera. I’m going to have to dig out some old pics and scan them.)

- she WROTE A BOOK! And got a fancy New York City agent because of that book! Life got in the way of it getting published, but I’ve read it, and I promise, it’s awesome. One day it will get published.

- she is an awesome mama. She doesn’t stress about things, and whenever I have baby questions, I always call her first. I want to be the kind of mom she is – goes with the flow, lets her kids be themselves and is just generally pretty zen about everything. This has resulted in two awesome little girls that are going to grow up to be amazing women. (And at least one of which, as mentioned before, will marry one of my boys. It’s GOT to happen! How cool would that be? Hee!)

(From the looks of this, it’ll probably be Miles.)

(or maybe Linus)

- she loves my boys. Whenever we go out with them, she likes to pretend they’re hers. (And let’s face it, they look more like her than me!) I’ve got to stop answering peoples’ questions for her, though. It ruins the game. Heh.

Oh, this is too hard. I keep remembering all of our stories. Like…

- Our time living together. That was fun. She put up with my messiness. I was so groggy in the mornings before class, I would make coffee but forget to put the coffee pot underneath. Oops! (I still get teased for that!)
– Visiting her (and some other friends) in London when she had her 6-month stint there.
– Visiting her in Natchitoches when she was in college there.
– Environmental Issues class in high school and the video we made. It involved an interpretive dance about billboards on the interstate, set to “Rump Shaker”. (No, I don’t remember what grade we got for that!)
– Working at Daiquiri Cafe together (which, unfortunately, ended badly for her, getting robbed and locked in the cooler. Hmm. And I got her that job. Hmm. I didn’t say they were all good memories!)
– Being pregnant together.

Here she is in the middle at 32 weeks pregnant, looking much tinier than I was at 24 weeks. Oh yeah. I had three. Ha.

Oh, there is so much more. Almost 20 years of memories. I was so happy when she moved back to Louisiana after being in Virginia for a few years.

Anyway, I could go on and on. But tomorrow is Ren’s birthday, so if you know Ren, leave her a birthday message!

Ultrasound pics!

Had a very productive day yesterday, and a very unproductive day today. Yesterday we bought a crib, got another one from a friend, and bought a ton of stuff for the house. Then, since Annie was in town, we drove to visit Ren and Gary. Now, let me say here that GARY suggested that we peek at the babies, NOT ME. Anne doesn’t get to see hers as much as Ren and I do, so it would have been wrong to say “no thanks”!

So we took a little looky-loo (hey, I still made it TWO WHOLE WEEKS between ultrasounds) and all looked well. Nothing too in-depth, but I got a few cute pictures. They’re up on flickr:

Tuesday is my appointment with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist. Should be fun.

Lookie at cute little Emiloctopus!