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I did it!

It’s the last day of November, and I blogged every.single.day! Woo!

How about a few pictures from our weekend? I took a bunch!

Friday was Thanksgiving, part 2, at my mom’s house. The kids all napped while the adults ate. It was pure, unadulterated heaven!

My sister brought them back Yo Gabba Gabba t-shirts from the show they went to in NYC. Cute!


Saturday, we joined some of my sister’s friends as they tailgated before the LSU game. The boys had fun being boys.





While my niece liked rolling around in the leaves.

And then on Sunday, we went to the mall to do Santa pictures, but we all know how those turned out…

and afterwards, we took them on the carousel. The boys loved it so much, they threw tantrums when it was time to leave. Fun times!

Oh yeah, and today’s my last day for Cans for Comments. Let’s make it a strong ending!

Santa pics, take two

We don’t have take one back yet, but check out the awesome pics we got today. I need to get a copy of the one we have with Emily in it, but just imagine a crying blonde girl right next to Linus (in the second and third pictures) and you get the gist.

Picture one…I had to put Oliver and Miles on my lap, and the only place for Linus was on a stool at Santa’s feet. (No one would get on his lap – believe me, I did NOT want to be in these pictures!) But Linus was having none of it…


Picture two…lady with bangs hides behind chair while holding Linus up. Linus is not happy.

santa2 copy

Picture three…Linus still behind chair, unhappy. I tickle the boys in my lap to get some smiles. At least someone looks happy!


Yes, yes, maybe next year….

They’re famous!

I need to recap Thanksgiving and post these cute pictures of the boys in their outfits from Uncles Chris & Alvaro, but then I have something exciting to share…

We went to not one, but TWO awesome Thanksgiving dinners yesterday. Fortunately, the boys kept me on my toes enough that I gorged myself at neither, because there was a serious amount of food there.


The boys were pretty good, but like I said, they kept us pretty busy.



Generally, they were happy if they could either watch Nemo or push buttons. Here, they can do both!

So that was fun and today we’re going to my mom’s for ANOTHER Thanksgiving, this time with my sister and my Emily and more family.

The exciting news….remember a few months ago? The boys did that photo shoot for that catalog, but I wasn’t sure if they got any pictures they’d deem worthy of their catalog? Well, apparently they did! The boys are officially in the spring/summer edition of the Orient Expressed catalog!

(order: Miles, Oliver, Linus)

Yes, this must be the beginning of fame and fortune for all of us, right?

Balloons are fun!

Yes indeed.

The boys got balloons at the birthday party we went to on Sunday. We tied them to their wagon, but haven’t quite remembered to take them off yet. Yesterday, they still had air in them, so when we went outside to get in the van, there was a brief interlude of play:

110609 167

110609 177

But guess what? Even without any air, they’re still fun!
110609 237

Oh yeah, and thanks Uncle Chris and Uncle Alvaro for the awesome outfits for their birthday. We’re doing Santa pictures with their cousin Emily next weekend. It’ll look more realistic than this:


Hey, I’m doing pretty good at this blogging every day thing, aren’t I? Woo!

Today, we are going to talk about Thanksgiving. We’re going to two potlucks on Thursday and to my mom’s on Friday. That’s three Thanksgiving dinners. Mmmm. That’s a lot of turkey. I think I’m going to bring my trusty Pineapple Casserole to the two Thursday dinners (and possibly a small ham too, because Pineapple Casserole needs a ham accompaniment to properly display its glory.)

(In case you have a heart attack reading that recipe, just know that I don’t put THAT much butter or sugar in it, and it’s still amazingly deliciously yummy.)

Hmm. I guess that’s all I have to say about Thanksgiving.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

Last night, at about 1:30 am, I was rudely awakened by someone shoving an ice pick in my right ear. How rude, I thought. And then I realized it was just some fluid in my ear. That’s all. Just some innocent liquid causing knife-like pain. Who knew liquid could be so evil?

Sleeping wasn’t an option at that point, so I got up, took some ibuprofin and watched Glee. Such a good show for taking your mind off the pain, don’t you think? After watching the show, I was able to go back to sleep, but man. That sucked.

It still hurts a bit, but we had to bring the boys to the pulmonologist this morning, so I couldn’t go to my own doctor. I’m such a martyr. That was the appointment from hell, I’m telling you. The boys weren’t that bad, considering. But being in a teeny-tiny exam room with three very curious toddlers, a germaphobic husband (mmwah!) and a double stroller was not what I consider “fun”.

Eh. It still hurts. Blah.

And I feel even worse knowing this is how the boys felt every time they had an ear infection last year. And they had a lot. Their only symptom ever was waking in the middle of the night, screaming. :( Ugh. Even if they’re constantly wheezing, at least their ear tubes have put an end to the pain of ear infections.


(Sorry about the most boring post ever. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more inspired.)

Wish List Wednesday

This week’s Wish List Wednesday is going to be devoted to the boys. After all, they have their birthdays and Christmas coming up, and a question I’m getting a lot is “what do they want/need?”

Peapod Plus

The boys are starting to outgrow their Pack n Plays, and they’re going to need something to keep them contained when they’re spending the night away from home.  These come highly recommended. And don’t they look fun? Like camping! (Yeah, because you know me. I loooove camping!)

We need some new Elmo videos. I am so sick of watching the same ones over and over and over and over again. And over.
Sesame Street: Elmo’s Animal Adventures

Sesame Street: Bedtime With Elmo

Sesame Street: Elmo & Friends – Tales of Adventure

Corrors (aka “colors”, “drawing”)

Doodle Pro
I got the boys one of these at a neighborhood toy swap last weekend, and now they fight over it. Time for two more!

Art supplies…but only washable!
Crayola Washable Crayons

Crayola® Washable Fingerpaint

They’re also starting to show some interest in trains, but sadly, we don’t have room for a train table. Maybe when they’re older…

This looks fun, doesn’t it? The boys LOVE taking medicine. I like to think they’ll be doctors one day. At least one of them. Surely the odds are pretty good, right? Heh.
Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Well, that’s enough wishing for this week. Next week, it’s gonna be Mama’s wish list!

A couple of random pictures

First random picture is of the boys eating dinner last night. We got them restaurant-style high chairs for dirt cheap off kids.woot.com a few weeks ago. Too bad they’re seriously fugly. I need to paint them. Which reminds me, I could have done that last weekend. Shoot. Anyway. Not the point. Actually, there is no point. Just look at my boys, all grown up and stuff, eating at the table! Sniff, sniff.


Miles is making a goofy face in the middle there. Silly kid. And ooh, creepy, look at Elmo in the background there. Reminds me of the “ghost” from Three Men and a Baby. Remember that? ha ha ha!

And this picture is not of the boys at all, but it kills me nonetheless. It’s the outfit that I’d get for the boys’ for Christmas if a) we had anything for them to wear it to and b) if I thought they’d actually wear a clip on tie or a velvet(ish) blazer (along with the gray flannel pants and white button down). Dang it Target, why do you have to make these so cute! I guess it’s just as well I can’t spend $25 x 3 on outfits we don’t actually need.


Don’t forget, it’s Cans for Comments for the rest of the month!

Tree hugger

A little known secret about me is that I am actually quite the arborealist. Arborphile. Arborist. Whatever. Even though I generally have a black thumb, when it comes to planting trees, I’m somewhat of a genius. I don’t mean to brag, but it’s true. I have planted three trees in my life now, and while I can’t predict how tree #3 is going to do, trees #1 and 2 are doing quite well, thank you.

Tree #1, a Bradford Pear named Kristina. Named after the one who bought it for me as a housewarming gift five and a half years ago.

Here is the tree and its namesake, a few months after it was planted.
Kristina and her tree (c.1994)

Tree #2 is of unknown species. I got a bundle of seedlings from the Arbor Day Foundation back in 2005ish, and planted them all over. Only this one survived. (Uh oh. Maybe I shouldn’t reveal this fact. This puts a blemish on my tree-planting career, doesn’t it?) Anyway, this thing was the size of a pencil when I stuck it in our front garden.

(I don’t have a picture of it back then, but just imagine, you know, a twig stuck in the ground. I actually did a really nice job of that front garden, but then &$#@ Katrina came and messed it all up. But that little tree survived!

And now we are here at Tree #3, my much longed-for Meyer lemon tree. (Meyer lemons are friggin’ expensive! And hard to find!)

Here is the little tree next to Tree #1. Look how much she’s grown!

And then I dug a hole:

And now she is planted!

It only took about half an hour to dig the hole and plant it and everything. This is fun! I’d turn our yard into a forest if given half a chance. How fun would that be?

For the grandparents

I’ve decided that Saturdays during NaBloPoMo are going to be shameless plugs for my Triple Dip Shop. So there.

Today I’m featuring items for proud grandparents. Grandparents can be tricky, because they’re called so many different things. In that case, I’m happy to do something custom.

For instance, my mom is Grandee, and she has five grandkids, so I made this for her:

Someone else wanted this for her mom:

GaGa needed this shirt:

And how great is this…for the Great-grandparents of twins!

Doesn’t have to be a shirt, either. George’s parents ordered these for their cars:

Let me know if you want something made for your kids’ grandparents. These make great holiday gifts. :D

Picture post!

A few pictures of my goofy kids from my mom’s house on Monday…

Miles likes to wear things on his head. I guess in 20 years, this will be a lampshade, eh?

110609 077

Miles on the scary death-trap rocking horse that belonged to my brother. My brother who is almost 40. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Mom, I know. We all played on it, and we’re still alive.

110609 086

Just a cute picture, that’s all.

110609 087

This one’s for my uncles.

110609 101

Oliver wants the camera.

110609 107

So sweet…Miles and my mom. I love how he’s just holding one finger. So cute. :)

110609 108a

See? What’d I tell you?

110609 111

How in the world???

I am not a morning person. Ask anyone. Especially my mom, Betsy, Ann, Kristie, Ren, Anne, Kristina, and Marianne. (Or, the roommates I’ve had since high school.) (And George.)

But somehow, I got these kids who are so darn happy in the morning! Even if, say, one or two of them was up screaming at 1 am for no discernible reason. Just say. *cough*cough*linus*oliver*cough*

But look at these cute faces…

110609 001

110609 006

110609 007

110609 014

Look at this hug (or what I was able to catch of it with my slow point and shoot)…so cute!
110609 030

Nablopomo huh?


So I’ve decided to take part in this thing I’ve seen before…Nablopomo. National Blog Posting Month. Yes indeed. It just means I have to post every day this month. I think I can do it. You think I can do it? I’m not saying you’re going to get really long posts every day, but you’ll get somethin’.

I still have so much to post about from the weekend. Like Halloween! And it’s November 3, so if I don’t post it today, it’s going to start looking pathetic soon. No one wants to hear about a holiday too long after it, right?

Fortunately, I don’t have a whole lot to say, other than we had a lot of fun. As with Boo at the Zoo, Miles and Linus wore their hats and Oliver politely declined.




The hatless one declines to give five:

Nevertheless, it was fun. We walked around the neighborhood with friends and trick or treated. I think trick or treating has to be the best thing about being a parent. You remember how sad it was when you got to be too old to trick or treat, right? Well, have kids and you get to do it all over again! At least until the kids learn what’s going on. I wonder if next year I’ll be able to get away with it again? Hmm. I guess they’ll want to do it next year. Anyway.

Sunday morning was picture day! My most awesome wedding photographer, Sandra, came over with a friend to take pictures of the boys again, and it definitely wasn’t as easy as last year. Oh man. The boys, they were not very cooperative. Not to say they weren’t cute, but they were not following direction very well. (I sound surprised, right? I prefer to think I’m just overly optimistic about their direction-following ability.)

Fingers crossed we got something for a Christmas card. The thought of doing this again makes my head hurt.

I guess we could use a picture from last year. It’s not like the boys have changed much or anything….

So much to post about, so little time…

This is definitely going to have to be broken up into several posts, if only to not send everyone into a post-induced stupor of boredom. (I’m so self-deprecating, see?)

Let’s start with Friday. Friday was exciting because Oprah gave everyone half-off shoes at Payless! Yay Oprah! I don’t watch your show, but I appreciate your power! I got the boys six pairs of shoes, a pair for me, and a new purse. Sweet!

Lookie at the cute shoes that the boys will be wearing for the forseeable future:

In between the trips to Payless we dropped the boys off at my ILs so they could watch them while I…

rawked 13.1 miles! (That’s the word Kristina and I coined. Run + walk = rawk.)

(Yes, you only get a small version of that picture. It’s really bad.)

I am pleased to say I was not last. I was 1314th, but that was out of 1,379 people. And that may not sound great, but considering for the first few miles, I (and a few other women I met up with) were last, that’s not bad. (But a 75 year old man did best my time by an hour. Hmmm.)

We started out walking, but that was actually very painful. I started to develop blisters on the bottom of my heels, so I had to run, just to take the pressure off. So we walked a block, ran a block, walked a block, ran a block. Before we knew it, we weren’t last anymore. Whew!

At about mile 9, I needed to run more (for my heel) so I left the other ladies in my dust. Ha ha, only kidding! But I did take off so I could run a little more. I pulled out my iPod to listen to the music I’d thoughtfully picked out (and purchased) for the race, only to discover that I didn’t sync the *%$#@ thing, so the only music on it was horrific German progressive rock from the ’70s. (George had gotten a hold of my iPod, you see.) So as it turned out, I carried around the stupid thing for 13 miles for nothing. I’m sure if I hadn’t had that extra three ounces, I would have gotten a better time.


Anyway. I finished in 3:06, five minutes slower than my previous slowest time, but I was fine with that. Remember, I really didn’t train for it. I am quite pleased that for the last five miles, my pace was in the 12 minute/mile range, which is really good for me.

So now, what’s next? I want to do a 2 mile race in City Park next month, and then I’m thinking of trying again with the Mardi Gras Half Marathon in February.