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Let’s see, what have we been up to since I last posted?

Well, the boys spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa’s on Friday night so George could evict the pigeons that have set up a home underneath our porch.  And I lazed around and played Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii (best game everrrr!) That was nice. We went and got them that evening, and on Sunday, Tee and I took the boys to her mom’s house so George and his dad could spend Father’s Day together.

(But first, we let them loose in the living room. I’m telling you, they are particularly obsessed with buttons on TVs.)

121208 196

We had a really good time there, her mom totally spoiled the boys. (In a good way, of course.) And they were in seventh heaven, with a new place to explore. Lots of buttons to push! Doors to open and close! People to babble to! (two of Tee’s sisters were there too.) Good times. We went to the pool for a little while, too. The boys weren’t exactly thrilled with it at first, but they came to enjoy lounging in their floats.

121208 207

So we made it home pretty late that night, and when I got Linus out of the car, he was burning up and wheezing. Yay fun! So a few hours later, when Linus still wasn’t sleeping, we made the decision to take him to the ER. At midnight. So we went. By the time I got there with him, his fever was gone, but the wheeze wasn’t.
121208 216

(That’s the ceiling in the ER.) (Linus took that picture.)

(The usual drill, blah blah blah, breathing treatments, etc.) My favorite part about taking him to the hospital is that the breathing treatments they give him seriously wire him. He was running around, giggling, making me chase him, going to say hi to the other patients, climbing up, getting down, etc, etc, etc. Meanwhile, it’s the middle of the night. Ugh.


He was discharged after a very reasonable three hours, and we made it home around 3. And then we slept late. That was nice.

Yesterday, we stayed home and rested and picked up medicine and all that fun stuff.

But today I am tired again because all night long, all we heard on the monitor was *cough cough cough* with a little crying mixed in here and there. Fun times.

Fingers crossed they’re better soon!

And as a bonus, a few cute pictures from my mom’s last weekend…

Watchiing tv

Watchiing tv 2


Kristina said I needed to post again, so here I am, posting again. I feel like I don’t have a lot to say, but I guess I can come up with some stuff.
– We almost brought Linus to the hospital last night. This breathing stuff sucks. He’s much better this morning, though. It was just the same old stuff. He was having trouble breathing but once we got some steroids into him and some breathing treatments, he started sounding so much better. Thank you, my dear husband, for getting up with him at 1 am to give him that middle of the night treatment. :)

- I got new glasses! That’s not very exciting either. I kind of like them, but they’re not terribly feminine. Here’s a picture I took of myself with my cell phone this morning. They’re kind of crooked in this picture, though. Oops. And I’m fake smiling. Heh.

- We’re going to Baton Rouge tonight (me and the boys) because I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow. It’s for a friend from high school who is having twin boys. Now, I’d usually scoff at twins (pshhhh, so easy*) but she also has an older kid (2 or 3, I think) which adds a whole ‘nother dimension. So I shall not scoff. But I do love baby showers. There’s usually cake there.

- I’m also supposed to be going out with my cousins tonight, after the boys go to bed. That’s weird, I’ve never done that before. Should be fun. Am looking forward to it. Am not looking forward to getting up at 7 with the boys, though. I hope it’s an earlyish night. Hmm.

- Coldplay is coming to New Orleans! Eeeee! Am so excited. Hey, anyone want to babysit (actually, sit and watch TV while the boys sleep) on Tuesday, June 9? Pleeeeease?

Now for a few pictures. They’re kind of dark, because I had to use our old camera, which isn’t great.

Daddy, read us Goodnight Gorilla for the 3,429,761st time!

Daddy reading

Miles gives Daddy hugs

Well, at least someone knows where their nose is…

*of course I’m joking, my lovely friends with twins!