Daily Archives: November 8, 2011

Random stuff

Time for a wordier post, eh?

Let’s see…

- The boys have decided 3 am is a delightful time to wake up. I don’t think it’s related to the time change, I just think they’re insane. It might be related to the colds they have. One will get a breathing treatment, and the other two decide they want to get up too. It is not fun for anyone, least of all George, who has been getting up with him. (Thank you dear! I love you!)

- Therefore, I am tired.

- But somehow, they are not. This is a tiny preview of their nuttiness before bed last night. You’d think this would wear them out, right? Not so much.

- Here’s another fun video from yesterday. This was on the way to school. There’s not much to see, it’s more for the audio. It’s just full of randomness. Like, “I’m going to carve the turkey, then get in my car and go SUPER FAST!”

- On Sunday, I took pictures of my coworker’s family, which includes a set of 6 month old twin boys. They are the happiest babies ever. I seriously wanted to take one home with me. I was giving them eskimo kisses just to make them chuckle. Oh man, heart-melting.

Hug, brothers!

(This is them when they were teeny)

- This weekend, we have three birthday parties to go to. Strangely, two of them on Saturday are at the same park, for two little girls with the same name, both turning three. (Not related, and the parties are not at the same time.) (Obviously they’re not related. They have the same first name, not last name.) Anyway, yay! Cake!

- Which means the boys’ birthday party (also at that park) is in less than 4 weeks! Fortunately, I had the invites printed in August. I’m so efficient!

- Our anniversary is coming up on Saturday. Six years. Wow.

- Oooh, can you do something real quick? I posted a picture on FB to try to win tickets to a fancy party at City Park, and I need lots of “likes”. You don’t have to do anything, but “like” this picture. Yay, thanks!