Catching up

Random words, interspersed with random pictures.

I wish the mail came at 7 am. Then I wouldn’t have to wait all day for the letter telling us if the boys got into the French preschool we applied to. But what if they do get in? I don’t speak any French except for what I haven’t forgotten from elementary school. Poisson! That’s fish. That’s about all I got. (Okay, not really.) (I also know bon jour.) I need to talk to my friends who have their kids in a similar school. How does it work? Anyway, this is all a moot point until we find out if they got in or not.


My back hurts again. That’s right, the $280 epidural steroid injection I got didn’t work. Boo. I knew there was a decent chance it wouldn’t (even the doctor who did it said there was only a 60-70% chance it’d work) but I was optimistic it would. I felt great for about three days afterward, but then the pain started creeping back. I have insurance authorization for two more, but those copays are a killer. That’s over a week of daycare per shot! Argh. I hate money.


In spite of the aforementioned back pain, I’m going to try to get the boys’ big boy room done. We’ll see if George feels up to it. He hasn’t been feeling well either. We think he has what the boys had last week.


I haven’t been walking in a while. Almost two weeks. Last weekend was the half-marathon that my walking buddies were training for, but I think their recovery period should be over by now! I have to admit, not waking up at 5:30 is nice, but I do miss catching up with the girls.


Okay, enough of being a downer…in very GOOD news, I’m going to have a new nephew by next week at the latest! Yay! So excited to meet little whatsisname! Well, not meet, but see. I won’t be able to see him until April, probably. Boo!


Also excited because tomorrow is a playdate with my triplet group. I love seeing all the kids play together!

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3 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. I love these pictures. Now i have a stupid question but what type of camera do you have. Your pictures always look so good, professional.

  2. what a great idea the French school! brava Pam! and don’t worry until primary school at least :). My kids all go to an international/english school, I speak english, but most of the parents don’t, or just the basic. The parents/teacher meetings are so much fun when the teachers don’t speak italian (many)! hehe. I think it’s a great opportunity for them. go for it! hope the are accepted!

  3. I can’t even imagine sending my kids to a French school. Oh the joys of NOLO! I didn’t even take French in HS. I loved catching up on the blog today. Keep the great pictures coming!

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