Daily Archives: November 17, 2009

A couple of random pictures

First random picture is of the boys eating dinner last night. We got them restaurant-style high chairs for dirt cheap off kids.woot.com a few weeks ago. Too bad they’re seriously fugly. I need to paint them. Which reminds me, I could have done that last weekend. Shoot. Anyway. Not the point. Actually, there is no point. Just look at my boys, all grown up and stuff, eating at the table! Sniff, sniff.


Miles is making a goofy face in the middle there. Silly kid. And ooh, creepy, look at Elmo in the background there. Reminds me of the “ghost” from Three Men and a Baby. Remember that? ha ha ha!

And this picture is not of the boys at all, but it kills me nonetheless. It’s the outfit that I’d get for the boys’ for Christmas if a) we had anything for them to wear it to and b) if I thought they’d actually wear a clip on tie or a velvet(ish) blazer (along with the gray flannel pants and white button down). Dang it Target, why do you have to make these so cute! I guess it’s just as well I can’t spend $25 x 3 on outfits we don’t actually need.


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