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And now for the rest of the weekend


Let’s see. So on Sunday, we had plans to meet Mandy and Mike and their two kids, Annabel and tiny baby Harry at a park we’d never been to. It was nice! Lots of stuff to climb on, even if they were kind of scared of it. Hmm.

They played…

and ate cheese…

and drank milk (yeah, another version of the picture I posted the other day).

I got to hold Harry for a little bit, but the boys weren’t having much of it. This is Mandy holding him, obviously.

After the park excitement, we went home. And I took artsy fartsy pictures of the toys.

And some of the boys…

On another note, everyone watch Rachael Ray (the talk show, not the cooking one) tomorrow (Wednesday) to see the Rock, Paper, Scissors shirts IN ACTION! Awesome.

Our weekend in pictures

We had a fun weekend, and I brought my camera for the specific reason of posting lots of pictures this week. Let’s hope I can hold back from posting them all right now. I even brought my good camera so I could get good shots.

Let’s start with the Zoo on Saturday. We went with Mary Catherine and Millie.

Mary Catherine pulled the wagon…

…and when she got tired, we put Millie to work.

They loved looking at the ducks…

and the Zeebas (or at least the sign for them)…

and the giraffes

And then we played a game of “which one of these is not like the others?”

After the hard work of looking at animals, Millie kicked back and relaxed.

Tune in tomorrow for pictures from Sunday….(I know, THE SUSPENSE!)

Mama wants this necklace…

Help my friend Lani raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and while you’re at it, help me win this necklace! Isn’t it dreamy? I have a similar necklace, but see, this one’s gold, and I just got some new gold hoop earrings, and I need a gold necklace to wear with them. See? I need this! So go check out Lani’s blog, and while you’re at it, why not make a lil’ donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society? Every dollar helps!

(And if I don’t win this giveaway, feel free to buy me this necklace. Just sayin’.)


What to write about…what to write about…

After the excitement of the beginning of the week, I’m now kinda bored. Hmm. I hope we’re going to have a fun weekend. Something fun tomorrow…zoo? Aquarium? Children’s Museum? Depends on the weather. And a trip to a new park with friends on Sunday. That sounds promising.

Next week I’m going to Toronto for a few days for work. That’s pretty exciting. I haven’t thought much about that trip, but I guess I should probably go hunt for my passport. That would be a good weekend project, eh?

I got my new waffle iron the other day. That’s pretty darn exciting. I need to devote a whole post to that (yes, and entire post to WAFFLES) but for now I will say, waffles are yummy. Really, there’s nothing like a crisp, hot, Belgian waffle right out of the waffle iron. Mmmm. Waffle.

Here’s a fun game.

A picture in my Flickr photostream from 3 years ago…Ellie! One of my beloved nieces. She was about 15 months old here. I can definitely see some resemblance between her and her cousins here.

And me, two years ago:

And the boys, one year ago…their first trip to the zoo! See, doesn’t it seem appropriate to take them this weekend?

Have a great weekend! Do you have any fun plans?

So cool!

I’m going to be vague here, but this is so cool, I have to at least sorta post about it!

Another triplet mom I know was on a major, national talk show recently (but the show hasn’t aired yet.) Anyway, the kids were wearing my Rock, Paper, Scissors shirts! So cool! I told you fame and fortune would be mine. I just didn’t know it’d be from this. Ha! Okay, I exaggerate slightly. But only slightly.)

I’ll post when I know it’s going to be on, so you can all see the shirts in all their glory. Hee!

In other news, you should totally vote for the boys in this Gap contest. If you want. I mean, these things are so stupid, but whatever. I think you can vote every day.

The boys are being so cute lately. I didn’t hear this (DARN) but this morning, when Linus was asked “which one are you?” by the daycare director, he said “I am Linus.”


And apparently Miles, being my son, said “I want more!” after he finished a slice of birthday cake yesterday. Atta boy!

And then Oliver, he can count.

Fame and fortune, possibly not.

So yesterday was the big photoshoot. (Big to us, I mean. It wasn’t that big of a production, really.) It was held at this beautiful Uptown mansion. But not inside, like I’d hoped. Outside. And it was hot. Well, hot for September.

We get there, and I put the boys in their outfits. Very cute, if you like that sort of thing. I mean, I may be biased, but they’d look cute in potato sacks. (What are potato sacks anyway?) These outfits are very Southern, very “stop rolling around in the dirt”, very nervewracking if you’re trying to keep them clean. But anyway.

The boys aren’t liking the button-down shirts. Especially since they have to be buttoned all the way up. And they don’t like the overall part. (They’ve never really been fans of overalls.) And it’s hot. So they’re kinda crabby. And it’s a new environment, so they’re kinda clingy. But we bring them over to this cute white wicker swing, and sit them down on it.

They are okay with it, but it’s hard to get a shot with all three boys looking happy. It may have happened. My friend Mary came to help, and she had raisins with her. Raisins may have saved the day! That made them happyish. So hopefully they got a shot.

After that, it was time to try to get a picture of them in the grass. That was probably a fail as well. There was a cute dog that they were enamored with. I think that would have made a great shot, but I’m not the fancy photographer, am I?

Anyway, they moved on to some other kids, but asked us to wait. I gave the boys a snack and some water. That helped. They played and were in decent moods. It would have been a great time to try again.

Too bad the skies opened up.

Ah well!

We’ll see how it all comes out. I hope they got a good shot, but if not, it’s okay. It was a fun experience, and maybe we’ll get to try again one day.

And now some pictures from the day!

Oh look, a dirty tennis ball. Great.

In better moods…

Uh oh, meltdown imminent!


Hey moms! Check out my column over at the Multiples and More blog. I have a giveaway going on until the middle of October. (Coincidentally, it’s for some stationary that my aforementioned friend Mary makes.)

Fame and fortune, here we come!

So this is exciting!

Yesterday I got a call from a woman who’s the art director for a local children’s clothing store. The clothes are sold all over, but I think mainly in the South. Anyway, I’d met the owner last year when I was at the children’s museum with the boys, and she oohed and aahed over them. She wanted them for her catalog, so I gave her my contact info, never really expecting to hear from her again. So I was pretty surprised that I did!

Tomorrow’s the big photoshoot. I’m really nervous. I hope the boys do well. At least I’ve taken so many pictures of them that they’re comfortable in front of a camera. Heh.

Random tidbits and morsels

- Every morning, when I bring Miles downstairs to go to school, he does the sign for “eat”. So today, like every morning, I said, “you’re going to eat at school today.” And he said back to me, “eat at school?!” V. cute.

- The other day, for the first couple of hours we were home, I had Miles and Linus mixed up. Oops.

- On Saturday, my first guest post at the Multiples and More blog will be up. Exciting! There’s going to be a giveaway, too!

- Don’t forget to sponsor me. I’ve got $88 raised so far! Woo hoo! Just $412 to reach my goal.

- This morning, I put the boys in these cute new outfits a friend sent them. Look how sporty they look! Seriously, they’re going to need all the help they can get. George and I don’t care about any sports. Fortunately, I have lots of uncles and friends who should be able to teach them. (Unless it’s slow pitch softball. I did play when I was 12 and 13, after all.)

- The boys are going to spend the weekend at their grandparents’, so my plans are haircut, sleep, gym, sleep, cleaning, fixing my computer, and sleep. Oh yeah, and lounging on the sofa, watching stuff on my DVR. V important stuff.

I mean, I’m not a huge TV watcher, honestly. Or I wasn’t, until now. So many things to watch. Biggest Loser! The Office! Top Chef! Project Runway! The Soup! Random episodes of Mystery Diagnosis! I’m a v busy lady, you see.

- Last night I made this v yummy recipe. It’s extremely easy, and if you use turkey Italian sausage, it’s even Weight Watchers friendly. As long as you don’t eat half the pan. But it’s hard not to, it’s that good.

Baby geniuses!

You gotta start ‘em young, you know.

Apple all the way, baby! Is it a coincidence that one of their favorite words right now is “apple”? I don’t think so. (I mean, yeah, it was when we were in the produce department at the grocery store when they were saying it, but still…)

George has some really really really old Apples from the 1980s that he might let the boys use when they’re older. He really loves those computers. But I’m pretty sure he loves the boys more. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want them learning about computers on a *gasp* Windows PC!

Dude. How cute is this?

So loving these!

I got an email last week from a triplet mom looking for Rock, Paper, Scissors shirts for her trio. I set to work designing a set. I did have some for the boys when they were teeny, but they were pricey and thankfully, a gift. Heh. But these…I think I’m in love. (I know, I’m so dang full of myself these days, aren’t I?)

Rockpaperscissors! I am picturing Linus wearing Rock, pinning down Oliver (Paper), and Scissors (Miles) piling on top, for the win! (Right? Did I get my RPS stuff right?)

These come in white, pink, yellow, and light blue, in sizes 6M – 4T. For a mere $11.99 each! Woo! Let me know if you want them in long-sleeve, or onesies, or dark shirts (for an additional cost.)

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention…I’ve also added some new sections to the store. One for grandparents, because I’ve come to realize at least half of my sales so far have been to grandparents. Also one for MoMs-to-be and one for car stuff.

Sponsor me!

Don’t forget, I need to raise another $475 $242 $162 $82 $22!!! to reach my goal of $500 for Children’s Hospital. George was just there the other night with Miles, again.  So go here and then click on Sponsor a Runner to sponsor me!

We did it! Thanks to everyone for sponsoring me, I exceeded my goal! Of course, you can still donate, if you’d like.

Now I just need to worry about walking 13.1 miles. Hmmm.

Our weekend

Am home with Miles and Oliver today. They all are having asthma issues, but Linus (since he’s on a preventative medication) is better off, and was able to go to daycare. Whew. Two, I can handle on a bad night’s sleep. Three would be iffy.

Had a fun weekend, mostly. I took the boys to my mom’s. It rained the whole time, which sucked, but it was okay. Got the boys’ hair cut on Saturday and that was about the most exciting part of the whole weekend. Until Linus had an asthma attack at midnight, (literally JUST as the movie I was watching was getting to a critical part!) and I had to call the ped and drive across town to one of the few 24 hour pharmacies. (Remember, I was visiting my mom.)

Yesterday, we came home, but I had to run some errands first and I think that was a bad idea. We went to Whole Foods to pick up some organic milk to bring to my friend’s house. I can’t believe how expensive organic milk is. But I certainly respect their desire to give it to the girls. Anyway, I’m just glad I don’t have that desire.

Anyhoo, when I got home, Miles wasn’t doing well, so George brought him to the ER.  They made it home in just a few hours, so that was nice.

How about some pictures?

Linus and Larry bonded over the weekend over this book. :)

Me and the boys

My mom and Larry and the boys:

Oliver stuck in a Bumbo at the hairdresser’s

The boys eating breakfast (and me hiding behind the paper in the back)

Playing at the hairdresser’s

Miles’s favorite new toy. Hmmph.

Miles asks for “hep”

This is funny. Note Linus’s new “thing”. He’s the one in the overalls.