You got questions, I got answers! (and a t-shirt)

Not exactly like the question and answer posts I did a while ago, but I was inspired, after talking to some other multiple moms (and seeing designs that didn’t quite fit my situation) to create a t-shirt on CafePress that looks like this:

triplet tee ID boys

And to be completely mercenary entrepreneurial, I set up a whole CafePress store with other variations on this shirt (because, believe it or not, not everyone with triplets has identical boys) and some other fun designs I came up with. Because there are so many different kinds of triplets, I didn’t do any designs for the “pair and a spare” variety, but I’d be happy to if anyone wants one.

I’ll be adding more designs to the store in days to come, as inspiration strikes me. Fun! I like having a creative outlet.

5 thoughts on “You got questions, I got answers! (and a t-shirt)

  1. Hee hee. That last one made me giggle. Just a random question that you’ve probably been asked a billion times…if you have a twin, and say “oh, that’s my twin sister” or whatever, what do triplets say? Oh, that’s my triplet brother?
    I was just wondering.

  2. Tena, I have wondered the same thing! It sounds awkward, though! (And no one except my own self has asked me that.)

  3. Except for #2 we don’t know yet and #7 it was at our 16 week ultrasound we have the same responses.
    I just want a shirt that says “Yes my hands are full, thank you for that original comment”

  4. Awesome! I’ll have to get one of these. :)

    I love when people ask me who is the oldest. What does it matter? They were all conceived at the same time and born exactly 1 minute apart. I also LOVE to correct people when they refer to my triplets as “twins and the other one”. What? They are triplets: 2 just happen to be identical.

  5. Hee hee, love it! Your Cafe Press store is adorable. (You could cut off the Mark Twain quote after the twin sentence and make a shirt for twin mommies…. Hint hint.)

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